Insights On The Weekly Portion

The Torah is known by many names, nominally as the Chumash and chamisha chumshei Torah by Jews. These titles are derived from the Hebrew word for "five," "chamesh," due to the five books in this segment of the Jewish Scriptures. g

The Chumash is further divided into weekly portions known as parashas, meaning sections. During each Shabbos morning service, known as Shacharis, the corresponding parsha and its haftarah read read in the synagogue. Although the Chumash was divided into weekly portions, there is a great deal of thematic overlap between parashas.

This page consists of divrei Torah that I've written. The words divrei Torah literally means words of Torah and are known in the vernacular as "sermons" or "speeches." Their purpose is to present and explore a particular topic or theme, usually relating to material from the Torah or other spiritual insights.

Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy
Bereishis Shemos Vayikra Bamidbar Devarim
Noach Vaera Tzav Naso Vaeschanan
Lech Lecha Bo Shemini Behaaloscha Eikev
Vayera Beshalach Tazria Shlach Reeh
Chayei Sarah Yisro Metzorah Korach Shoftim
Toldos Mishpatim Acharei Mos Chukas Ki Seitzei
Vayeitzei Terumah Kedoshim Balak Ki Savo
Vayishlach Tetzaveh Emor Pinchas Netzavim
Vayeishev Ki Sisa Behar Matos Vayeilech
Miketz Vayakhel Bechukosai Masei Haazinu
Vayigash Pekudei Vzos Habracha

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