What is This Site?

The purpose of Hashem is Beautiful is to present an interface to Judaism to people who might otherwise have none. While I write these posts mainly with Jews (both secular and religious) in mind, there is a section that discusses topics directly relevant to Gentiles as well. Nevertheless, the author suggests that all topics on this site are relevant to both. Hashem is Beautiful is generally directed towards people who seek a relationship with their Creator, but like many today, are influenced by the spirit of doubt assaulting this generation. This ensues from the harsh and often ignorant attacks against spiritual pursuits, leaving a taste of doubt in the mouths of those who believe.

Regarding Jews, it presents information in a way that permits a positive interaction with the religion that is rightfully theirs, allowing them to see it in the most relevant and sophisticated terms applicable to the modern world. It challenges the idea that modern people must reject traditional concepts to succeed in the world. To the contrary, traditional concepts provide a richness and depth that the modern world struggles to comprehend and acquire.

Regarding Gentiles, they play a pertinent role in God's Plan and are recipients of seven commandments. These are the laws that God revealed to the Gentiles prior to revealing their Jewish counterpart, the Mosaic Law. According to Judaism, the Gentiles play this role without an obligation to convert to Judaism. Because the Noahide Laws are a component of the Oral Law, it's authenticity and validity must be understood.

The author further operates under the perhaps radical assumption that a human is incomplete without pursuing spiritual refinement. While striving to improve oneself in the physical, emotional, and intellectual areas is certainly important, maybe mandatory, it is a glass ceiling beyond which the soul beckons attention. The Torah is the first place to begin looking to get a sense of this spiritual refinement.

Finally, I try to present information in a dignifying, intelligent, compassionate, and confident manner, not shying away from confrontation when unavoidable.

The value of the human soul is too great to compromise, the state of the world too fractured to ignore, and the task of the Jewish People too wonderful to push aside.

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What is This Site Not?
This site is not a halachic guide in any way. While certain topics touch on halachic material, it is not designed to instruct the reader in performance of one's obligations. That is the role of the your Rav and the poskim.


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