• Seven Common Muslim Questions About Judaism - Why God took prophecy away from the Jews, what the Torah says about Ishmael, and more.

  • Does God "Belong" to the Jews? - Did the Jews nationalize monotheism and monopolize prophecy, or did God choose the Jews?

  • Comparison of Commandments in the Torah and Q'uran - According to a challenge made to me during the debate below, I compared the commandments in the Torah and the Q'uran to see if I could find 25 commandments that Muslims do not observe. The results of my comparison are presented in this analysis.

  • Debate between Muslim and Jew - A religious debate I had with a Muslim on Judaism and Islam, covering a very broad range of important topics and neatly organized for your convenience.

  • Islam's burden of proof against Judaism - The burden of proof always falls on the party who brings a claim in a dispute. Because Islam claims that the Torah has been corrupted, it bears the burden of producing evidence, until which the Torah is initially presumed to have been preserved.


Kiwifactor46 said...

Thanks again for the invite to your blog! Regarding the 'Holes in the standard narrative' debacle; Hatun Tash, in her desire to address the Muslims in Speaker's Corner went to buy a Quran, and the seller asked, "Which one?" She was taken aback, as she had been taught the common response that the Quran is the unchangeable, perfectly preserved word of Allah. She investigated, and can be seen on YouTube with Jay Smith holding up 26 different Arabic Qurans. In that video can also be seen Mohammed Hijab, trying to draw the Muslims away from such a devastating revelation. Hijab later learned of Sheikh Yasir Qhadi's position on this issue, due to e-mails leaked by Farid, who wanted to expose Qhadi. Hijab then did a live interview with Qhadi, pressing him on this issue. Qhadi, clearly backed into a corner, admitted, "There are holes in the standard narrative!" As to your remarks regarding Hijab's attitude, yes! he clearly demonstrates his bombastic pride in his ambush of Apostate Prophet! While these videos are easily found on Youtube, I would be happy to provide links.

Kiwifactor46 said...

....btw, in the interest of full disclosure, I should probably mention that I'm not a bro... :) One can't really tell by my moniker. I have been really enjoying reading your blog. It helps to see things from a different perspective. I feel Christians miss so much when we read the Bible and interpret it from our current western culture and language.

HashemIsBeautiful said...

My pleasure!

In response to your first comment, I was able to follow everything you said up to the part where Hijab was trying to draw Muslims away, and what you said about Farid. I did watch parts of the Qhadi interview, and am less familiar with the "ambush." I think by now people who are interested in these subjects know where to find the link, but I thank you anyway for that.

HashemIsBeautiful said...

In response to your second comment, bro's and sis's are both welcome here. :)

I'm very glad that you're enjoying reading my material, which actually helps me hash out my own views on things while addressing subjects that I think are important. I will eventually start making videos, but have to get a camera first.

Yes, perspective is key, and we all do fairly well in seeing things from our own. I've written quite a bit on the subject of the Trinity. When I speak with other Orthodox Jews I find that we don't fully understand the Trinity from the Christian perspective. I have to explain it in a few different ways before they understand that I am NOT saying that God has three different modes of interaction with the world, but that He IS three different Persons. It is completely foreign to Orthodox Jews and it takes them genuine effort to see it outside of the Unitarian perspective. It took me serious effort to understand it as well.

Having said that, I would appreciate your comments and feedback on some of the Christian subjects I've written; I am quite certain that Christian responses exist to some of the points that I raise, and I am interested in knowing what they are.

Thank you!