Divrei Torah

Weekly Portion
This page consists of a list of the parshios according to book in the Torah. The current week's parsha is linked to any dvar Torah (if written) on that parsha. The words divrei Torah literally means words of Torah and are known in the vernacular as "sermons" or "speeches." Their purpose is to present and explore a particular topic or theme, usually relating to material from the Torah or other spiritual insights. In many cases, a dvar Torah attempts to meaningfully highlight and apply a particular concept or lesson from the subject matter to our lives.

A dvar Torah (singular of "divrei Torah") can be based on an insight or observation made about some aspect of the subject matter, a textual or grammatical peculiarity, or an apparent similarity to or difference from another concept found elsewhere in the Tanakh.

How are the Weekly Portions Organized?
The Torah is known by many names, nominally as the Chumash by Jews and is derived from the Hebrew word for "five," "chamesh."

The Chumash is further divided into weekly portions known as parshios. During the Shachris service during Shabbos that week's corresponding parsha and its Haftarah is read in the synagogue. Although the Chumash was divided into weekly portions, there is a great deal of thematic overlap between parashas.

The parshios are categorized below according to book, and the current weekly portion is highlighted and linked to any divrei Torah, if they have been written:

Bereishis (1)     Shemos (1)VayikraBamidbar  Devarim 
    Noach (1) VaeraTzavNasoVaeschanan
    Lech Lecha (1) BoSheminiBehaaloschaEikev
    Vayeira (2) BeshalachTazriaShlachReeh
Chayei Sarah YisroMetzorah    Korach (2)Shoftim
Toldos MishpatimAcharei MosChukasKi Seitzei
Vayeitzei     Terumah (1)Kedoshim  Balak (2) Ki Savo
Vayishlach Tetzaveh Emor  Pinchas (1) Netzavim
Vayeishev Ki Sisa Behar Matos Vayeilech
Miketz VayakhelBechukosaiMaseiHaazinu
Vayigash PekudeiVzos Habracha

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