This page discusses matters pertaining to Christianity, mainly in terms of its theology in comparison to, and contrast with, Judaism. It is important to see Christianity as a force for good in the world, with many Christians being upright, moral, and compassionate individuals. Where practiced Christianity tends to generate a solid family structure and people dedicated to living a positive spiritually-based lifestyle.

To that end all information presented regarding Christianity is designed to extricate the truth when possible, and not to deride or break down Christianity; the world has benefitted from the advent of this religion and it would be foolish to detract from that. All of this is considered when dealing with some of the misconceptions that Christians tend to have about Judaism and some of the theological issues within Christianity itself. Something being good does not vindicate it from focusing on areas that need improvement, either in theory or in practice, which is a methodology that I apply to my own religion as well (see Is it Possible to be Orthodox and Completely Miss the Point?).

I challenge any Christian reading this to frame this content in terms the Jewish understanding of the call to be "a light to nations." (Isaiah 42:6) While Christians tend to interpret this verse in terms of Jesus' being the source of that light, Jews still understand it quite literally as their ongoing responsibility to the dissemanation of that light. It is not a figurative foreshadowing transubstantiated onto a representative Messianic individual, but a perpetual mandate and function with practical applications. This may have different social and cultural manifestations. However, regarding Judaism's interaction with concepts foreign to a correct theology this responsibility translates into engaging those incorrect ideas. This is the main area of my focus.



Unknown said...

Hi, I know this might not be the reason you created your blog but I have been wrestling with my religious beliefs for a while now. I would like to speak with you more but do not want to publish it online, if you have an email address or another way I can speak to you about Judaism I will appreciate it, if not I will understand

HashemIsBeautiful said...

Absolutely, you can email me at I am looking forward to hearing from you.