What is Anti-Semitism?

Anti-Semitism is:

  • A designation used to describe ideas rooted in the intent, or that have the effect of, disenfranchising Jews. This is often characterized by applying standards to Jews that are not applied to other people or groups when they can be, or ignoring them when found among other people or groups.
  • Denying or falsifying Jewish history with the intent of disenfranchising Jews.
  • Ascribing to the perspective that Jews secretly collaborate, and deny attempts to, infiltrate, manipulate, and influence a society’s ideas or values as a means to exercise control over political processes. Charging Jews with an unfounded lack of loyalty to their country of citizenship is an expression of this perspective.
  • Ascribing to the perspective that the nature of being Jewish is financial greed, immorality, perversion, and sinfulness.

Anti-Semitism is not:

Any criticism of Jews or Israel in a manner consistent with criticizing other parties and based on the same or similar principles. For example, criticizing an Israel lobby is not Anti‑Semitic if one understands that lobbies are designed by nature to exert influence or control over political processes. It is perfectly reasonable and just to criticize an Israel lobby in this manner. Another example: claiming that the Jews run Hollywood if one considers that the role of Jews in Hollywood is not reflective of the entirety of American Jewry.

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