The Verification portion of this site examines issues of proof. For example, what counts as good enough evidence to make a decision about something? Because the word proof is sometimes used incorrectly, people often throw away hopes of establishing some sort of faith in God. Some people mistakenly define proof in a way that makes it impossible to believe in anything. The truth is that proof is really nothing more than a demonstration of evidence. It does not mean something which removes every shred of evidence to the contrary, which is absolute proof. Note Wikipedia's unintentional, but funny, comment on its absolute proof page.

Some people even do this against their secret desire to believe in God. It is my view that there are many closet case believers in the world. People are not born atheists, and these people have a genuine desire to serve their Creator. In many cases they have adopted a position of atheism due to a series of influences.

Some of the stumbling blocks to observance are the following:

  • Emotional or psychological issues
  • Fear that observance is hypocritical as long as one is imperfect
  • Peer pressure
  • Apparent contradiction between Divine revelation and scientific observation
It is my hope, God-willing, that people with spiritual aspirations be able to bolster their confidence and breakdown the barriers that repel them.

The following list focuses on matters of proof. Check back occasionally for additions.

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