Thinking About Race in America

There has been a great deal of hullabaloo recently about race relations and institutionalized racism in the events following the George Floyd shooting and killing that took place on May 25, 2020.

While I typically refrain from voicing my opinions on social media, for the first time I engaged somebody in a discussion about this matter, and that discussion grew into a mature and miniature debate. Throughout this little debate certain concepts, some new, were brought to my attention. The main point that drew my attention was the following argument made by one of the people I debated with regarding Candace Owens' video about the George Floyd killing. That argument was that Owens does not seem like "someone who is speaking up for the black community, envisioning a better future for them, or uplifting them in any way. But rather, she seems accusatory and unsympathetic to the underlying race issues in this country. And frankly, this video had more than a twinge of self-hating black woman to me."

What is the black American sentiment on the recent issues? To what extent is there agreement or disagreement within the black community about the correct scope through which to view history, and how to approach the future, and on what lines are the differences drawn?

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Z said...

I will say that Ms Owens is far more pro Black than any Leftwinger in America is because, just as she has done well on her own, she believes in Black America, she will not saddle them with the Leftwing ‘soft bigotry of low expectations’…She believes ALL can do well in America and that we all must try. That's not to say we shouldn't help minority communities..we DO!

I will not write on this again to you because it’s such a hot subject I don’t want to be quoted except from at my own blog….
I hope what I wrote helps you understand a little about Ms. Owens and the difference between a Black woman who believes in other Black Americans and knows they can do well even if they feel the occasional racism (which is growing, sadly, since BLM’s violence) and a Black woman who’s raised to make choices which keep her down. She wants that to stop! Make sense?

HashemIsBeautiful said...

Yes, it makes absolute sense! Hers is an attitude of self-respect, not only personally, but for her community as well.